The Old West: an era when all a man could depend on was his horse and his six-gun, and settlers and Indians fought it out for territory on the last American frontier. That wild frontier just went out of this world. Invaders from another planet have crash-landed, and cowboys and Indians alike must put aside their differences to drive the aliens off the sovereign soil of planet Earth.

Sometime in the 1870s, trail master Zeke looks up and is startled to see the massive form of a rapidly descending alien spacecraft careen onto a cliff, a few miles away. Zeke frantically leads his wagon train to a nearby town.

Soon commander Rado Dar and a squad of alien soldiers arrive to seize the town. Zeke, Verity, and a handful of others make a narrow escape with the unexpected assistance of CHIEF MEDICINE CROW and his warriors. Cowboys and Indians band together and to fight the invaders.

The humans gain an unexpected ally when Rado Dar’s science officer, the beautiful KAI CHAK RA, appears in the village. Kai is part of a resistance movement within the alien society against the imperialism of Dar and his caste.

Zeke, and his band face off against Dar in a sci-fi version of the classic Western shoot-out as the cowboys and Indians work together to fight the alien troops. Dar is slain and the alien beacon is put out of commission just in time to prevent the distress signal from being transmitted to the invader’s home world.